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We Grow, Tender, Harvest and Market Heart-Smart Pecan Nuts

Welcome to Y2K Farms!

In our farm plots in the western part of Rio Grande in Deming, New Mexico, USA we cultivate and grow over 17,000 trees of nutrition-loaded pecan nuts to produce about 600,000 pounds (300,000 kilograms or 30 containers full) of unshelled nuts.

We offer our farm-grown pecan nuts (shelled or in-shell) for sale in container loads directly to national and international food manufacturers and to all those transforming raw natural produce into superfood in various consumer forms (nut meat, flavor-enhanced, power bars, breakfast muesli, nut butter, pecan nut oil, nut milk, nut powder).

We produce this “heart-smart” food for the health-conscious people or for anyone who wants the health benefits of pecan nuts. Explore our website to learn more about our products.

Our Offer 

Y2K Farms grows and cultivates over 17'000 pecan nut trees. Once a year, we harvest about 600'000 lbs. of pecan nuts (about 30-40 of 20"containers) that are cleaned and sold in bulk (in-shell or shelled as a "nut-meat" - halves and broken) to traders or food transformers and manufacturers for spot price or upon agreement.

The out-farm price of our pecan nuts is advantageous so the final product on the shelves of food stores remains competitive and accessible to more users.

As such, we strive to partner with food manufacturers as their suppliers, selling containers 10 or 20 tons or in large bulk bags  (1 ton) directly from the farm.

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