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Cultivate and Grow High-Quality Pecan Nuts

Who We Are 

Pecan Nuts Manufacturers in New Mexico, USA

Y2K Farms in Deming, New Mexico is a family-owned business established in the 1980s to cultivate pecan nuts west of Rio Grande river in New Mexico. Under the helm of the second generation of farm owners, the plantation has grown significantly because of the use of modern farming methods (pruning, irrigation, harvesting) and mechanical tools. As a result, production has increased by 20% since the second generation came to the helm.

We grow and cultivate over 17'000 pecan nut trees and harvest them once a year. This is equivalent to around 600,000 pounds of unshelled nuts (or about 30 to 40 of 20" containers) that are cleaned and sold in bulk (in-shell) to traders for spot price or shelled to food transformers and manufacturers. The out of farm price to traders is advantageous and in case of higher demand, we can syndicate more volume with our neighboring farm cooperative and other partners in our vicinity. As such, we can supply container loads of unprocessed pecan nuts (shelled or in-shell) to our customers.

We sell quality pecan nuts directly from the farm through ex-works, freight on board (FOB), or delivery to the nearest port. As part of our growth plan, we hope to sell several containers directly from the farm to food manufacturers via business-to-business (B2B) sales.

For the next stage, we consider to develop and market finished health products like power bars, muesli breakfast mix, pecan nut powder, pecan nut oil, pecan nut milk, etc. through our partners sold in-stores and online.

Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to provide high-quality large pecan nuts with exceptional nutrient density and health benefits.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We like our business and care about the cultivation of pecan nut trees to gently harvest large and quality pecan nuts—considered as a superfood full of health-beneficial nutrients.

We are open for business to provide our harvest or part of it directly to food manufacturers and those who transform raw product into final consumables. To learn more about our offer, go to Our Farm page

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