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Get Farm Fresh Pecan Nuts (shelled or in-shell) at Very Reasonable Price

Our Offer 

Y2K Farms grows and cultivates over 17'000 pecan nut trees. Once a year, we can harvest about 600'000 lbs. of unshelled nuts (about 30-40 of 20"container loads) that are cleaned and sold in bulk (in-shell or shelled) to traders, food transformers and manufacturers world-wide for spot price. We produce about 300'000 kg of pecan nuts per year from +17'000 pecan nuts trees in New Mexico USA.

The out-of-farm price is advantageous to allow the final product on the shelves of food stores is affordable to the consumers who deserve to have access to this brain-heart superfood. As such, we strive to partner with food manufacturers as their supplier, selling container loads of shelled or in-shell pecan nuts directly from the farm.

In the future, we plan to develop and market (white-label) healthy products that contain our pecan nuts. We will sell it through our partners and online. If you are interested to become our partner, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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